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The Heights Casino
Spaces and Rates
Tennis Court
The tennis court can be used in conjunction with the Governors’ Room or
Dining Room. Use of such a large space allows for a great deal of flexibility in set-
up and decor. Tenting, drapery, and a variety of flooring materials can be used to
transform the space along with lighting, linens, and flowers.
rental fee
: $1,650 for three hours. $350 for each additional hour.
A fee of $300 will be charged to prepare the court floor for your function.
$250 set-up and cleaning fee.
service staff
: $34 per hour
per staff person
Monday to Friday.
per hour per staff person
Saturday and Sunday.
Special Spaces & Rental Information
Other spaces within the club are available for special events. The formal dining
room and grill roommay be reserved for private functions, and the two tennis and
three squash courts are perfect for athletic events or children’s parties. Our nearby
Cadman Plaza facility offers four squash courts and a great deal of open space.
The Heights Casino will rent tables, chairs, silver, tenting, decorations, and special
linens of your choosing. Lighting and other special requests are also possible. The
host will be billed separately for these rentals and special requests; please inquire
for a price list and for details on rates and availability.w
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